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The projects and initiatives below give an indication of the range of events SAHA has facilitated:

Organ Donatation

  • Phir Zindagi – Life Continues event 18/8/20

  • Leela’s Organ Donation Education project

  • Urgent Kidney donation appeals for various patients via local radio stations and

  • local TV news channels.

Diabetes & Kidney Awareness Project 

  • Lifestyle and management sessions online (14/6/20) with specialists in healthcare

  • professionals from India

  • - Yoga sessions for Diabetes Awareness week (11 – 13 June 20) with specialist

  • instructors from the South Asian community

  • Foot and Diabetes care sessions online (14/7/20) – with specialist Diabetes

  • Podiatrist

  • Diabetes and Kidney Health awareness events online 25/7/20

Patient Ambassador

A joint partnership project with the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) to support BAME patients during COVID 19 and recruit community ambassadors – 18/2/21

Studio Portrait

Mental Health Awareness Project

Joint partnership promotions with like-minded community organisations to raise the awareness of mental health. 


Recruitment and training of South Asian community mental health ambassadors (trained by the WHO Mental Health GAP manual)

Step up to Great Mental Health Public consultation 24 May – 15 August 2021. The project aimed at promoting the awareness of the public consultation and the proposed changes for the future. Encouraging the community to complete an online survey to contribute towards shaping the provision of services.

Awareness Project

Joint partnership and collaboration with the Anthony Nolan charity to contribute towards

shaping the future of transplant care and support. The campaign consisted of promoting awareness of a specifically designed patient survey.


A secondary objective was to promote

the completion of the survey based on the experiences of ethnic minority stem cell patients during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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