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We’re always looking for people of all ages to join us and get involved in health projects that we’re really passionate about. 

There are a number of volunteering opportunities we can offer.  With your support, We can look to provide important services to South Asian Communities . as well as patients and carers. 

Volunteering is a great way to:

Meet people within the South Asian community and give something back

Learn new skills as well as use existing skills

Build your confidence as well as develop your employability skills

Our volunteering opportunities include: 


We recruit and train people of all faiths from South Asian Communities to become community ambassadors and be the voice of SAHA to make better health choices.

Our community ambassadors are our key advocates in contributing towards raising greater awareness of the major health challenges facing the Asian community. 


Support in getting greater community reach by raising the awareness and importance of organ, blood and stem cell donation to individuals and families within the South Asian community. 

Inform, educate and de-mystify cultural myths surrounding organ donation. 


Supporting the health and well-being of both organ donation recipients, donors and their families. 

Actively get involved in local events that promote the recruitment and registration drives for organ, blood and stem cell donation


Being a patient and carer led charity we seek to identify medical health care professionals through community engagement and professional networking.


Utilising their expertise and knowledge of specific health conditions and cultural-linguistic competence, our Mental Health Advisors are well equipped to both support and address inequalities faced by South Asian communities.  


We recruit, train, and support South Asian volunteers to become SAHA community champions. We will provide them with the key tools to allow them to share basic information about the various types of diabetes. We also look to train our volunteers to conduct Type 2 diabetes risk assessments within the community.

To engage and facilitate a dialogue with South Asian and faith communities to increase the awareness of diabetes. 

To work within identified communities as well as support other communities to increase awareness of diabetes.

To raise the awareness of Leicestershire South Asian Diabetes Support Groups and encourage greater attendance to access peer support and professional advice on managing and living with diabetes. 

If you’re interested in any of the opportunities above get in touch and start a rewarding and fulfilling path with us today. 

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